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I handload many cartridges and gunsmith, so I know the horros of negligent handloading, and the destruction it can do to guns "but never" so yes I am very cautious, but manted to get an approximate baseline, and a better understanding of the behavior of brass in a glock chamber, I am used to 1911 stle pistols, which have a tighter chamber from the factory, although I appreciate the loser dimensions which allow the weapon to be more reliable "same idea behind the AK".
I have not got the smile yet but I have started to get potbellys with 180gr at 1150fps-1200fps, it is a small buldge but I understand that this can stress and weaken the web, so I guess more accurate of a question is, have people had this expansion but still continued to load that specific brass at that same level of pressure and that brass not have a faliure, and how many times has it been reloaded, my understanding of brass and reloading, lends me to be fearful of reloading this specific piece of brass again for fear of a failure..

Makeminea10mm I found your answer to be very helpful and thank you greatly for the insight..
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