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BTW, you mentioned the CorBon 125 gr JHP in your first post. Have you done a similar test with it previously? If so, how did it compare to the results you saw from the .357 SIG HST?
The Corbon 125 JHP is truly the only 357 Sig round that acts like a 125gr Rem. 357 magnum round. It expands to about .80" and the pentration is not that great, in that it generally does not make it through the third jug but dimples the exit side. I have shot animals include a very dangerous wild dog and the effect is dramatic with a two feet stream of blood and lung blasting out the exit hole. However, it it would not pass the FBI tests very well as far as shooting through glass and such. However, I do not think I will be in a situation where I have to worry about that. Corbon uses a Seirra 125gr JHP, but have not been able to get any because Seirra has been filling a big govenment contract, which I understand is now complete. The production manager at CorBon told me he has over 500,000 bullets on back order. He said I probably will not be able to get it until March. Foulish me, in that I shot up all of mine not knowing I would not be able to get more. It never happened before. I have shot every 357 sig round made in the past 12 years and I would rank CorBon number 1 for citizen PD, This HST looks promising but I have not shot anything alive with it. The CorBon leaves my Glock 32 at 1,430fps, I think the HST is only 1,360fps. When you examine the fired HST you can see that it really was designed for that velocity. Forgive me for rambling on, but I really like the 357 sig. I would feel ok with a 40S&W and I have carried it. With the performance of the 45 HST, I may carry my 4" XD45 Compact more now.

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