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I must be Einstien smart. I have been loading 40SW with lead bullets for over a decade and never had a problem. I guess if you are just of average intelligence, you should stay away from loading 40SW.

My favorite urban legend is that polygonal barrels can't shoot lead. All of those 500SW guys shooting lead bullets through their polygonal barrels must be wrong to do it. Get yourslef an aftermarket barrel and then you can find out what a joy they are to deal with. All of these garage companies convinced everyone that Glock doesn't know how to make a 40SW barrel, but they do. So they sell everyone a 39SW barrel and then the buyers have to start countless threads about how they can't get 40SW ammo to fit in them. So they buy a 39SW FCD, a 39SW EGW U die, and a Redding 39SW push through die until they can load 39SW ammo to fit it...
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