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My eight year old son and I were walking a path in the deep woods and this dog, of no particular breed was in the path about 30 yards away as we rounded the bend. It was not a very wide path and other than deer tracks it did not look as if it was used much. The dog did not look right and was growing, not barking and he ran toward us and I did not know what to do, get out my gun or run with my son but the dog stopped about twenty feet away still growing and his head was turned a strange way. We slowly started to walk backwards and as soon as we got a little over five feet further away the dog would close the distance but still stay 15 -20 feet away growing all of the time. I would guess the dog weighed over 60 pounds. Of couse at this time I had my G32 out and pointed at the dog. We tried to back away a couple of times and the dog closed the distance. He also seemed more agitated and kept going from one side of the path to the other. I have owned dogs all of my life and it was hard for me to shoot one. I was very concered he had rabies and worried if we started to run, he may start to run and possible bite my son, or me. I decided I had to shoot, and at that point I was glad that I always carried a gun. Although the dog was going back and forth, I never had a real good broadside shot, and I was worried about shooting for the head and missing. You would be surprised how those stready nerves at the range are no longer there when you feel you have to shoot. I took the best shot I could right behind the left shoulder. It seemed to happen in slow motion, but I could vivedly see a spray of blood and tissue stream out the other side. The dog took two or three steps and dropped over. Now this seems like a long story, but it all happened in less than 2 or 3 minutes. I remember standing there with the gun on the fallen dog for over a minute, but he did not move at all and I could not detect any breathing. Maybe if I was by myself or with another adult I would have gone over, but my son was pretty upset by it all and I thought the best thing would be to just get him away from it all so we walked back. I remember walking backwards for quite a while with my G32 pointed down the path. Now we were not in an area of any houses and pretty much up in the woods in that I was scouting out possible place to deer hunt that fall. I never went back there.

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