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Mossberg Pumps (500's)- Do ALL their pumps rattle?

LSS, came close to buying a Mossberg 500 today at Dick's because this forum seems to RAVE about Mossberg..

The young man in the gun cage had a very good point and showed and proved it.... ALL the Mossberg pump shotguns they had rattled/shaked ...the "handle" part you would hold onto to "pump" ... *ALL* would shake, rattle, and roll when handled... he said that's why he bought a Remington 870. I mean, I was ready to buy one, the price was right and the selection was plentiful, but he dutifully ( and correctly, it did seem) that ALL the Mossberg's rattled/shaked whereas all the Remington's were solid as a rock/stable.

Now the reason I post this is because I don't know ***** about ***** so I'm hoping for an explanation , hopefully it has nothing to do with anything.

(What I'm REALLY hoping for is someone to show me the autoloading Mossberg with the stock, pistol grip, etc. and how much/where to buy, cause THAT Thing seems to be the bomb...)...

Otherwise I'm thinking next weekend I'm going with the Remington 11-87... please make me smart here. I wanted a Remington, knowing little, this board made me want a Mossberg, but today I was swayed back. What do I want to do?

And what is the deal with the rattle/shaking of the Mossberg?

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