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The reason that reloading for a g23 may be more risky is because of the previously stated fact and also that the chamber support for older glocks in 40 cal wasn't quite what it is today, which is still a little less supported than other competitors.

Mine is a Gen 3 RTF2. I am interested on the comment on "older Glocks". How old is that please. Gen 1 or 2.

I just purchased a G22 40 and at the conclusion of the sale I was advised not to shoot reloads or lead. Kinda took the wind out of my sales. However, I am the dumb one. I should have educated myself on the caliber/weapon prior to purchase. I just heard so much good about Glocks and the deal was attractive so I moved.

Having said all that, I have fired my gun a few times and the more I handle it the better I like it. I'll stick with my 40 and having reloaded centerfire rifles and wheel guns I'll follow the specs if I choose to reload. Great gun!!! Lools like a G19 appears to be on the radar.
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