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When the 23's first came out there was a issue. it was a perfect storm type of thing. the barrels had less support. Some of the brass was to thin and people were loading to hot and fast. People were tring to get 124 grain velocity out of 180 grain bullets. Heck at one time AA changed the max load out of AA#5 twice in a month.

Chose a good powder for the 40 and keep you pressures in the normal range and you wont have any issues. Start with Hodgdon HP-38 for mouse farts and end with longshot for high speed rounds.

try one of these. Listed by burn rate.

Hodgdon HP-38
Winchester 231
Alliant 20/28
Alliant Unique
Alliant Power Pistol
Vihtavouri N330
Alliant Herco
Winchester WSF
Vihtavouri N340
IMR, Co Hi-Skor 800-X
IMR, Co SR4756
Accurate Arms No. 5
Hodgdon HS-6
Vihtavouri 3N37
Vihtavouri N350
Hodgdon HS-7
Vihtavouri 3N38
Alliant Blue Dot
Accurate Arms No. 7
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