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Originally Posted by Faulkner View Post
I have used TiteGroup for 9mm and .40 S&W loads for several years, but tried a pound of Power Pistol recently. It did okay, but I'm going back to Titegroup as I think it's cleaner and with less muzzle flash and Titegroup will get you more loads per pound for comparable performance.

They should not even be compared. Titegroup is a fast powder, Powder Pistol is a slow powder. Titegroup works great for loads up to mid level. My Max Load data from Hodgon has Titegroup @ 978 FPS with a 180 gr bullet. Allian has a Max Load of Power Pistol @ 1013 fps. Personally, I would not push Titegroup as hard as I would Power Pistol. For Mid Level Loads Titegroup is clearly more economical and a better choice. But it's not as bulky. Titegroup is a great powder. No doubt about it.

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