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I am not sure who advised you on not shooting reloads but every gun manual I have ever seen says not to shoot reloads. It is standard to say not to do it but obviously a lot of people do.

Originally Posted by Geezer1 View Post
I just purchased a G22 40 and at the conclusion of the sale I was advised not to shoot reloads or lead. Kinda took the wind out of my sales. However, I am the dumb one. I should have educated myself on the caliber/weapon prior to purchase. I just heard so much good about Glocks and the deal was attractive so I moved.

Having said all that, I have fired my gun a few times and the more I handle it the better I like it. I'll stick with my 40 and having reloaded centerfire rifles and wheel guns I'll follow the specs if I choose to reload. Great gun!!! Lools like a G19 appears to be on the radar.
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