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Originally Posted by Eyescream View Post
That's a shame. I guess you could always get some custom work.

Another company to look at if you're willing to settle for something that's classy and not lame is RAASCO. I have a set of their grips, and have talked others into getting more, and we've all been really pleased.
Eyescream, thanks for the RAASCO link! I like their Dymondwood and Cocobolo grips, and the fact that they take into consideration the ambi safety cut for guys who happen to be left handed.

I'll be ordering something in the next day or two after I've had a chance to noodle on color, grain texture, and checkering coverage that suits a stainless 1911. Of course I'd like to hear more from all of you guys on that. Bac makes good points in the 1/2 coverage checkering.
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