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Originally Posted by Jon_R View Post
I am not sure who advised you on not shooting reloads but every gun manual I have ever seen says not to shoot reloads. It is standard to say not to do it but obviously a lot of people do.

The retailer told me not to shoot reloads or lead. The only objection I have is he never mentioned anything about reloads or lead until the deal was over......nor did he mention any history about potential KBs. When I picked the weapon up the next day I asked him about both and simply said Glock has made improvements.

As far as reloading, I believe any responsible reloader inspects shotgun hulls, rifle and pistol brass prior to reloading.....and follows the specs. I sure do. As for my 22, I am going to shoot nothing but factory ammo for a few hundred rounds.

It appears to me the lack of full case support is potenitally a problem when poor cases are reloaded and reloaded hot. Nothing new there. I was interested in "Lead" comment about "older" Glocks not having as much support. I was really trying to nail down if Glock has indeed improved the barrel to accomodate the 40 pressures. Good forum
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