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I agree with WiskyT, urban legend caused by fear and the need to sell after market parts. I've put thousands and thousands of lead reloads through many polygonal barrels, including a glock 23 and 27, with ZERO problems. My advice would be: 1.) Don't load near the max, 2) Inspect your brass carefully before reusing it and throw out anything questionable (it's cheap insurance), and 3) Clean your barrel after every shooting session. Do that and you won't have any problems because of lead.
Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
I must be Einstien smart. I have been loading 40SW with lead bullets for over a decade and never had a problem. I guess if you are just of average intelligence, you should stay away from loading 40SW
I think both these posts are right on. I used to shoot led SWC's with no problems at all out of my Glock 22. Just keep things clean and stay away from the smoke'n hot loads.
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