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Originally Posted by Fire_Medic View Post
Well I was very fortunate to be able and trade for an old friend back. There are only 2 guns I have regretted getting rid of and this was one of them. I got my USPc 45 back a few days ago, and got it out to the range today with my wife. As expected shot like a dream, I could place shots at will wherever I wanted. I want to make this my new CW piece as with the hot weather down here it's got great size and light weight when fully loaded and still offers the options of cocked and locked with a safety or DAO like a sig.

I just need some good leather now. I LOVE the milt sparks VM2 but can't find one anywhere for this gun, does anyone have any other leather holsters they use for this gun that they like. I would be open to some high end OWB leather as well, so long as it would conceal easily. I'm not the smallest guy so concealing this firearm is not overly difficult.
Congrats. We don't always get 2nd chances.
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