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The times that I have shot the moly coated lead bullets in my G-24 have resulted in a ton of hard to get out lead or moly stuck in my barrel. I don't know if you should or shouldn't shoot lead in a Polygonal barrel like the Glock or HK, but I have chronoed all of my loads and found that these barrels give poor performance with moly coated lead bullets. My 40 S&W, 5 inch, 1911, Bar Sto barrel always out performs my G-24's 6 inch factory barrel with lead, my HK USPc is terrible with these bullets. I was surprised to discover the difference between the two barrel types. The 1911 doesn't lead up either -- with the same bullets. I run the aftermarket barrels in my Glocks for the improved performance and the lack of lead build up with non jacketed bullets. I stick to Jacketed in the HK.
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