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Originally Posted by ScrappyDoo View Post
I found out today that apparently I can't get the Mossberg autoloader "that everybody wants, the one with the pistol grip and the 8 round mag capacity..." apparently illegal in NJ. The gunshop man said I could get a DIFFERENT Mossberg autoloader, "but not the one with the pistol grip and stock that everyone keeps asking for"....

So the plot thickens. I know I can get an 11-87 cause i've seen them for sale, and I've seen, as I said, Mossberg and Remington pumps. Freaking NJ.
Yeah that sucks. Honestly, you don't want a Mossberg with pistol grip. You can't reach the controls right. Check out the 930spx with standard stock. Looks bad ass. Don't know much about the 11-87. I'm sure it's sweet too.
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