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How to prevent primer 'pull back' ?

I recently started loading .40. I have a bunch of range pickup brass as the local cops use our IPSC range. A good portion of it is nickel SPEER.

I'm having a high number of instances where during sizing/depriming, the primer is pulled back into the case. I can usually feel it on the primer seating stage, and pull it out, but a few sneak through. I always get a little freaked out when I find a round with a spent primer when I run them through the case gage - hafta wonder if it means I created a squib.

Lately I've been getting 4-5 per hundred rounds. Does anyone have any ways to prevent this? It seems to happen most with the nickeled Speer (which seem to have kinda loose pockets, as the new primers go in really easy). I think I've had maybe 3 in the last 10,000 rounds of 9mm.

I load with a dillon 650 BTW.

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