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Originally Posted by CarlosC View Post
They're about the same to me, although you wouldn't know it by my lopsided collection with all but two shooting the 7.62x39. They each have their merits as has been mentioned already. I'll probably get a few more AKMs and at least one AK-47, then start collecting AK-74s more aggressively. In the AK-74 world, there really isn't as much variety to choose from as there is with AKMs. You're pretty much going to get a SAR (Romanian), Tantal (Polish), Saiga SGL series (Russian), or one of the many Bulgarian variants.
Carlos I'm trying to think what my next AK should be, I have really good AK mags (radoms, Bulgarian already0 I just purchased a sgl20 Arsenal, I like it even though the front sight post has to be all the way left for a zero. My Yugo M70 is just sweet.....

I have seriously been considering a Lancaster arms 74 build, I have heard nothing but good things about them, so for me its between that and the yugo M72 RPK. Always wanted one...just because....
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