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Originally Posted by BK63 View Post
I'm waiting on pics as well, of the boolits and casting equipment. Since I started loading cast that has been sitting on shelves for years I have an interest in making the boolits now, especially since I have lots of salt water lead weights and tons of 50 cal muzzleloader bullets my father will never use again. He used to cast those years ago. Pics please.

Okay, okay... just got home from doctor appointments and the pharmacy... my little sweetie there wants my body. She may not realize it, but I'm convinced she does.

I'll go take some pictures and get 'em on here in a little while.

BK63... Take those 50 cal round balls, or minnie balls, down to your range and sell 'em to the smoke pole shooters. They're worth a lot more that way than melting 'em down. a 100 count box of Hornady 50 cal round balls sells for right at $9 to $12, depending on where you buy 'em.

Also be aware that if your dad cast 'em right they're pure lead... you're going to have to mix 'em with WW's or add some tin and antimony to bring it up to proper hardness.

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