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As many of you already know, our little Colorado buddy, C4W, (Steve) is agonizing over whether to start casting or not. (Apparently his, wife, has no qualms when it comes to making a decision on a new washing machine and old Steve happily obliges... but, I digress.)

I spent yesterday, during the playoff games doing a little casting and have taken some requested pictures. Between being distracted by the games, especially the second one, a visit from the kids and grandkids and a visit from one of my horse boarders the actual time spent to produce what's pictured was around five hours.

Pay attention C4W, I used some of my limited life expectancy to take these just for you.

The large pile is 225 grain RN out of a 4 cavity Lyman mould. The plastic container in the foreground is filled with the same bullets that I sized and lubed during a break from casting. The two containers in the back are 121 grain RN out of another 4 cavity Lyman mould.

Yes, I cast indoors... always have. I currently use an RCBS Pro Melt 20# electric pot. This one is at least 18 years old. They pretty much last forever, I haven't even replaced the thermostat in this one yet. I have also used a Lyman bottom pour and a Lee bottom pour. I shall let each of you decide the pros and cons of the different furnaces.

I store my bulk cast bullets, sized or unsized, in Tupperware type containers but keep a supply of different caliber and weights in Arco bins so I can just grab a bin and set it next to a press.

Continued in next post.
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