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You still paying attention C4W, I'm missing an HBO movie because of you.

I keep the moulds I use most often sitting in an aluminum baking pan next to the furnace. Because there's no humidity up here there's no need to oil the moulds between casting sessions. Just set 'em on the warming shelf of the furnace for a few minutes then start casting.

Some of my other moulds... when I need to use them it only takes a minute or so to attach the handles.

Many mango seasons ago when you bought a Lyman 4 cavity mould it came with handles. This one is a 148 grain bevel base wadcutter. Yes, I have a couple Lee moulds... never really got use to them. I prefer iron moulds... doesn't mean they're better, just what I'm use to.

Okay C4W, you can go back to sleep now.

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