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Originally Posted by BigDog[RE] View Post
I have exactly the same problem with SPEER nickel plated cases in 9MM. Rather than file the decapping pin or replace it, I just culled the Speer nickel cases and the problem went away. It only happened with the Speer nickel cases.
I was wondering if anyone else saw the problem with speer cases. It seems to happen almost exclusively with them. I have so many of them though, I'd hate to pull them.

Oh and my worry about a squib is due to the fact that the spent primer being it there COULD be the result of not completing a full stroke. If it didn't go far enough to deprime, then the other case maybe didn't go far enough to get charged. I know it isn't likely I did that, as I'm pretty careful, and I also have the powder checker, but I can't help but be paranoid.

Again, it is a dillon die that has the spring loaded decap pin. It is screwed all the way down. There is no way its not pushing the primer all the way out while sizing.

Thanks for the replies! I'll change the pin and load another 100 tonight and see what happens.
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