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Originally Posted by BustedFlush View Post
The topic of Detail Stripping the Glock comes up all the time on GlockTalk. This means completely disassembling the pistol. Anyone who has read the manual knows Glock advises you not to disassemble the pistol beyond a routine fieldstrip - removing the slide, barrel and recoil assembly. Of course many Glockers buy parts and want to install them. If you want to do that, or if you want to learn how to take you Glock apart, please take the time to learn to do it correctly.

If you are new to Glocks, don't feel you need to detail strip your pistol immediately. Take your time, read you Glock's manual, learn the parts, learn to maintain your Glock and of course how to shoot it safely. Detail stripping is not hard, but it's not necessary to enjoy your new Glock.

Here are some decent references for Detail Stripping:


Fieldstrip Instructions

Receiver Disassembly

Slide Disassembly


[TopGlock uses pics of an older 2-pin model 17, so you will not see the locking block pin]


GlockParts alternate page:

[GlockParts pushes the trigger pin out first. That's wrong.]

Ghost Triggers (They sell Connectors):

Ghost Connector Instructions - good pics - could be used for any connector change

While the sites above have good disassembly instructions, when it comes to reassembly, they just say "reverse directions" or something like that. They should post complete reassembly instructions.

If you want a book, consider the Ptooma Complete Glock Reference Guide:

If you want a DVD, Lenny McGill has a couple of decent ones:

Complete Glock Disassembly/Reassembly

Mastering the Mini Glock

* includes about 40 minutes of disassembly/reassembly, in addition to shooting

You can buy the DVDs from McGill's companty,, or from many other retailers like LoneWolf, Midway or Amazon.

UPDATE (February 2008) This is a video on YouTube that is much better than any other free internet movie that has ever been posted. I've decided to add it to this list. He does make some errors, but if you absolutely must see a free video, this is the bests one I've found.

Link: vaguninfo's Glock Detail Strip YouTube Video

He makes a couple of parts nomenclature errors. He uses a knife to remove the connector, which is unnecessary and dangerous. He points the pistol in an unsafe direction when he closes the slide. He does not show you how to remove the slide lock or the magazine catch. He misses some great opportunities like showing you the orientation of the trigger spring. If you view this video you should still view the still photos and directions at some of the websites listed at the top.

But overall, this is the "best free" online video on this topic, so I included it. The positives outweigh the negatives, and I think if I don't post a video, others will post the horrible ones.

I did not post links to any other YouTube videos. There have been many hundreds of threads in General Glocking about other videos. The ones in question demonstrate the wrong tools, bad techniques and incorrect part names. The wrong techniques and tools can damage your Glock. This is not just my opinion, but the consensus of the most experienced and respected Glockers and armorers on this forum.

Shoot safely!


If any of these links changes, please PM me and I'll update them.

I see the last updates were made around Feb 2008.... has things changed since the original post (2007)...???
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