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-Government 5"
-Not parkerized (been there done that prefer baked on teflon now)
-100% reliable any brand any reload. Doesn't have to be ramped
-No MIM parts (but I still trust the ones I have still)
-Extended beavertail grip safety (never have to worry on bite)
-Nice 4.5-5lb trigger
-Fixed combat sights (in a '8' pattern tritium, no brand name )
-Nice match barrel and bushing
-No more than 4" groups at 25yds. 2" or less preferred
-GI plug preferred (full length okay if one piece)
-Ambi safety (I'm a lefty)
-Lowered and flared ejection port
-Titanium firing pin and no firing pin safety
-16.5lb recoil spring
-Cocobolo or G10 grips
-Standard slide release and mag catch (nothing extended)
-Doesn't have to have front cocking serrations, but it's okay if it does
-Front grip doesn't have to have checkering, but I'd prefer 20lpi
-Magazine well beveled or extended mag well
-Reliable 7-round mags!

I think that's everything...
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