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Originally Posted by Tmygun View Post
I guess I'd better get some 800X, that seems like an ideal powder for the 10mm. I just thought I'd ask since I have a good bit of Lil'Gun and W296. Oh well, I'll just have to use it up in my Ruger Bisley 45 Colt.

As noted, not enough case cap. I like 800X, but it has to be hand weighed, it flows like mashpotatos in most measures & if you are running high end loads, you don't want 0.3gr swings in charge wt. AA#9 is useful for full loads w/ heavy bullets, but still a bit low on vel. I like AA#7 or Longshot. then again, I don't try to make the10mm into something it isn't. I'm happy w/ 180gr bullets @ 1200fps or 200gr @ 1150fps.
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