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Yeah boss unless you shoot double tap or buffalo bore its a joke should just shoot .40 smith and wesson.

If you can't afford that you can shoot georgia arms canned heat or freakshow manufacturing ammo. They are loaded alot hotter then average but not full power.

You gotta shoot double tap or reload to get the real deal. reloading is the best option since double tap is INSANE prices. No one I know could ever afford to shoot DT other tehn self defence. A few rounds to know it works and just carry it for when the SHTF. Good luck. You really should of just got a g-20 IMHO there are some issues with converting the 21. Yeah it works but you should do a search on here and read about it but hey, welcome to the 10mm club! after you shoot some hot loads you'll probably want that g-20
OD Green G-20 10mm/40sw

I sleep better in bear country with a 10mm under my pillow!
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