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The UUW Statute says the firearm must either be 1) disassembled into an inoperable state, 2) inaccessible or 3) unloaded and fully enclosed in a case. The IL SC recently ruled in Diggins that a center console constitutes a case, as defined by the UUW Statute. Carrying an unloaded firearm, with loaded magazines accessible, inside your fully enclosed center console would exempt you from the UUW charge.


1) Transporting an unloaded firearm inside a center console does not exempt you from a Wildlife Code violation, as the case is not specifically designed to house a firearm. It has been argued by some LEO and SA's that the IL "complied" statutes allows for a WC violation (misdemeanor). So, if you choose to do this, although you would not face a felony charge, you may become a test case for a WC violation (assuming you are not engaged in hunting/fishing ect...).

2) If you open the center console while not on your own property, or property which you would be legal to possess an uncased firearm, YOU WOULD BE COMMITTING UUW!

IMHO, a much better (and more practical) way to "transport" a firearm in your vehicle, or on your person, would be to use a case designed to house a firearm, that also allows access to the firearm (i.e. CCW fanny pack or Maxpedition Versi Pack). Again, the firearm must be unloaded and fully enclosed, but you could have the loaded magazine in the same compartment.

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