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Originally Posted by G-31 View Post
Thanks for the input but I'm afraid I don't know what chamfer means. And how might I be flaring the case mouths? Thanks again.

Their inside/outside deburring tool for $20. I've found that it also works for removing the crimp in the primer pocket of military brass.

The information that came with your dies has instructions for adjusting the amount of neck flare. Some dies have an neck expander ball above the deprimer pin. Put a micrometer on the expander ball. Some dies have a separate die for neck flaring. I have so many dies that I cannot remember which brand has which.
Generally speaking, you want to flare just enough to allow the bullet to be seated. With some cartridges, like the Sig, since you're using jacket bullets, I'd try not flaring at all and simply use the deburring tool.
Another thing, pay attention to your minimum overall length...bullet + cartridge case. Seating too deeply can result in dangerously higher pressure. There is a thread about this with a picture of a blown up Glock 31 somewhere on the forum. My manual cautions reloaders to make sure the neck of the case grips the bullet securely.
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