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Originally Posted by Bubbala View Post
A properly loaded 10mm. (see other reply's) is a hard hitting, flat shooting round that is still deadly at 100 yards. Show me another common auto loader that can make that claim. OK, OK, there is the Desert Eagle in .44 Mag. and the Coonan in .357 Mag. , but neither is exactly common. ***
Not only that, but you have to remember the original "size" goal in designing a 10mm autloader: Cooper and D&D took what was (back in the day) arguably the "best" of the 9mm DA/SA autos - a CZ 75 - and fed it steroids, i.e., enlarged the frame and adopted a modified Sig 210 slide to handle the higher pressures of the 10mm and came up with a 5" platform that was no larger than a full-size 1911.

The goal was always to create what was essentially the first magnum autoloading cartridge that could be stuffed inside a semi-automatic pistol of reasonable size and weight.

Here and there, you'll see a lot of internet smart-asses retorting with a comment about how a Desert Eagle or Wildey is "just the same as" a full-sized 10mm pistol. But all the Desert Eagles, Wildeys, Automags and other pants-drooping behemoths, although they shoot very powerful magnum cartridges, are disqualified by their huge size and weight.

Typically, how many people carry a Desert Eagle or Wildey for duty use or CCW? ... versus, say, a 5" 10mm Colt Delta or S&W 1006? The Deagles and Wildeys are basically limited to being range guns, but otherwise impractical for daily carry on the street or even out in the boonies.

The Coonan, in .357 magnum on a 1911-platform, is pretty close to meeting that reasonable size & weight condition. And the new Vltor Standard Model Bren is 5", same as the original, while the Special Forces model is a 4.25" slide on a full-size frame.

Then it only gets easier: there are the other 4.25" "Commander"-class 10mms, like a Smith 1076s/1086s or CZ Bobtail 1911. Then there are the smaller (dare we call them "Officer"-class 10mms?), such as the Glock 29s and, if you really have to default to one, the compact Tanfoglio Witnesses.

Even a lot of "full-size" 10mms today sport a factory tube under 5", e.g., the G20.

The 10mm AUTO: when you're finally serious about stopping power.
More great 10mm sites:

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