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You get what you pay for

GRRR. Bought an inexpensive Hume clip on IWB holster for my Champion on impulse. Seems well made enough and works as intended except there is no sight clearance at all. The little GI nub front sight stretches the leather when the gun is holstered to the point that you can see the sight sticking up. So, when I change sights, which I plan to do now that Midway sells Colt sights, it will be time for yet another holster. Reminder to self, think before buying, if I had passed on the holster I could have bought another box of 200 Hornady LRN bullets.

I miss the old school holsters like my dad used to make, sewn up with a welt down the front with a built in sight track made of layers of leather stacked up with the middle layer cut back to accomodate the front sight.
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