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Originally Posted by texas 48 View Post
I have a pair of G29's configured exactly the same use both for carry. I also had a Gen 2 1995 G22 that I bought a couple of months ago for 300.00. Today I went to a gun show here in town and found a NIB G20 for $505.00. traded in my G22 and walked out the door with my twins big brother for only 160.00 out of pocket. Needless to say I hit the jackpot with this one.

Love the 10MM and now I have both Glocks made for the round. I am stoked to get to the range to see how the big boy performs and the differences between the 2 models. I guess in a few months I will be getting the itch for the SF models. Maybe I better hold on long enough until the Gen 4's come out.
Glad to hear it! Great buy. Been missin' ya in caliber corner, btw!
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