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Originally Posted by Bubbala View Post
A properly loaded 10mm. (see other reply's) is a hard hitting, flat shooting round that is still deadly at 100 yards. Show me another common auto loader that can make that claim. OK, OK, there is the Desert Eagle in .44 Mag. and the Coonan in .357 Mag. , but neither is exactly common. Once again, proper 10mm. ammo has about half again the muzzle energy of a .45ACP and about half again the velocity. Get some Double Tap 135gr. Nosler and get back to me.
45Super in a 1911 or S&W4506 using BuffaloBore ammo is as hot as most 10mms in my opinion, and I have them both.

460 Rowland in a 1911 surpasses the 10mm and is the equal of the 44 Magnum.

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