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Yes, you shot over-the-counter ammo, which is almost universally loaded to 40S&W pressures. Part of this is because Bren Tens are still out there and are susceptible to slide cracking from shooting heavy loads; part of this is because the FBI Wound Ballistics Laboratory told us that velocity/energy don't matter - only penetration and expansion; and lastly, I think it's CHEAPER for the companies to produce (and then sell at a higher price).

I think for your 45 to 10mm conversion, you should AVOID DoubleTap and Buffalo Bore ammo. As 527Varmint pointed out, there are some sacrifices/compromises you've made by getting the conversion barrel. They are described in the article at this link:
Glock Commemoratives

I want to buy your commemorative Glock! Looking for: FBI 100yr, Bell Helo, FOP Lodge1, Kiowa Warrior, SCI, and any new/unknown-to-me commemoratives.
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