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HT, I got tired of waiting for Ruben and I bought a new RF-1100 from New Enough. Their 2XL fits me, so I got some graphics instead of another solid color helmet... but I got the "Hadron TC-6" which is white with graphics over it, so it's more summer-friendly. Got an OEM light smoked shield with it.

So far it's a great helmet, light, quiet, good airflow. Fogs up at a stop, which I'm not used to at all (my first FF). I might need 3XL sized cheekpads because it's a bit too snug in that area, but I'm going to wear it for 1-2 months and break in the padding before I make that decision. All in all, it's top-notch.

Still waiting for the call to come pick up my Sidi Blades, or at least make sure it's the right size. I was looking for a good ST low boot, my Super Duty III's are too bulky so I've been riding in street shoes for months now.
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