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S&W MP15-22 Questions

I already own this gun. I'm begining to teach my 10 year old how to properly handle and respect a gun. I figured a .22LR is a good caliber to learn on (many of us did) and one that just looks cool would be a bonus. Now, we've got the 4 basic rules memorized and respected. We shot open sites at 17 and 25 yards (he did incredible BTW).
Now, I bought a used Bushnell scope and mounted it to teach scoped shooting. It was a used 'Stalker' 3X9 which I can't find much info on, but it works just fine.
Here's the first question (sorry for the lengthy setup), at what range should I be working with him on with this platform? 25yrds? 50yrds? 100 yrds? What's a realistic target training range for this rifle with a 3X9? Not knowing the ballistics characteristics yet (thought I'd ask more knowledgable people here) what's the drop as I move out? I'm generally shooting CCI mini-mags or the WalMart Federal Bulk Packs (super cheap).
The range officer told me at 100 yrds I can expect 8" of drop? Really? And I shouldn't shoot at that range....Hmmm....
Second question, next I'm moving to a red dot to try that out. I don't want to drop major coin on a tactical red dot for this .22. Any recommendations on a decent red dot in the $100-$150 range?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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