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Originally Posted by DannyR View Post
Sgt Rock,

The purpose of the .45GAP is to fit a .45 caliber cartridge in a 9mm sized frame, and the G38 is a G19 size frame. If you want more ammo capacity and a wider grip there is the G30 chambered in .45ACP. It is about the same height and length as a G19, only wider. Ballistics are the same, so the choice is yours.

I have small hands and have a little trouble with most 45ACP grips like my HK 45c, width isnt a problem but the length is just a little long, i figured this would be the same with the G30. This is why it keeps rolling around in my head why they couldnt have the shorter lenght G19 grip but just a little wider like the G30 to accept more rounds. My thinking is along the lines of the springfield Xd, the grip is more like a box. I guess my love of Glock pistols has me a little confused as to why Glock didnt take advantage of the GAP's short length. Maybe it was easier to use the G19 frame rather than reengineering the whole pistol. And no i dont want an XD.
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