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Originally Posted by Thx-1138 View Post
Well, they did take advantage of the shorter length. They just didn't make the grip wider. IMO, when designing a cartridge and gun with the specific intent to market it to people with smaller hands, I think they made the right choice.

If you look at the width specs of both pistols, G30 1.27 " and G38 1.18 " , i think they could have made it wider and not affect the small hand crowd.

I made a very quick mock up of what im thinking. I used strips of cork gasket material which was actually 0.03 wider than the 0.09 difference of the two pistols. I taped them to the sides of my Gen3 G19. The feeling of the grip was now more hand filling in the palm areas but didnt affect my reach to the trigger , even with my small hands. I wish i had a G30 in my hands to compare the grip with my mock up.
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