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I was in the market for a tactical semi-auto for the past few months and did alot of looking and reading.

I also loved the Beneli. The M2 was amazing. If you want the Ferrari of tactical shotguns and you want to make your friends go Oooo & Ahhhh spend the cash on the Beneli and dont look back. The Marines like the M4.
Tactical Shotguns

Now if you are into versatility, it may be a wiser choice (maybe not the coolest) to go with a combo deal like the Mossberg SPX tactical/field combo. You dont get pistol grips and ghost ring sights but hey, you dont need them since you want to hunt with the long barrel anyway.

You can find the same deal with the 1100/1187 Remington's too I believe? Either that or you can just buy a tactical 1100 or 1187 Police and buy a hunting barrel later. I had an 1187 and it was such a nice shotgun I almost regret selling it. I was in the process of buying all the tactical parts like an 18.5" barrel and a pistol grip buttstock and ghost ring sights but ended up saving all that money and sold it to fund my Mossberg 930 SPX purchase which was good to go right out of the box.
Tactical Shotguns

Me personally, I specifically wanted a dedicated tactical semi shotgun. The Beneli while nice, was just not a 20 year leap forward in technology over the Mossberg 930SPX. They did pretty much the same thing but one just has an Italian name and cost alot.

The SPX won both the NRA's golden bullseye, shotgun of the year award and the Academy of shooting excellence's shotgun of the year award in 2009 for being a rugged and reliable tactical shotgun. Thats good enough for me since I could use the extra cash to buy another gun or more ammo to feed a semi auto shotgun!!!

Now that the SPX is home, I am glad I got it because its freakin nice and makes a nice addition to my Mossberg pump. Plus I wont cry if I scratch up my SPX. The Beneli would be treated with kid gloves!!!! and thats no fun.
Tactical Shotguns

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