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Originally Posted by ScrappyDoo View Post
I went into the store asking about the Mossberg 930 and was handed one with some Wierd-ass trident-looking gadget on the end of the barrel.... it was an otherwise awesome tactical model but it had this trident, double trident thing, attached to the end of the barrel... so I don't think I could buy that (but it was a good price...)

They had no Remington 11-87's (my second choice) except for a slug gun... which is not what I was really in the market for...

after browsing a bit and looking at some other things I asked "Well what do you recommend"...

and I was presented with Excalibur, The Benelli M2 Tactical ....... basically The Shotgun In The Stone.... amazing.

Simply Awesome...

but $1150 .... which was double the price of the other ones I was looking at ( double the most expensive 11-87 with two barrels I saw a week earlier at Dicks)...

What can you tell me? Should I do it? It seems AWESOME but he told me, it's simply for home defense... Not for shooting clay pigeons, not for the range, certainly not for hunting... And I really like versatility...

Plus, I have my eyes on some stuff at Dick's in my area.. a Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 scoped package for 500 and a Remington 11-87 combo for 650... could have both for the cost of the Benelli... I don't know, you guys tell me please...IT WAS AWESOME THO. I am actually suprised I Didn't just buy it on the spot, very unlike me...
Yeah,the Benelli M2/M4''s are super nice, but DAMN they're expensive. Are they THAT much better than the Rem.and Mossy semi-autos to merit costing double the price. IMHO,no they're not. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to have an M4, but $1500+ ? To me,that's just insane.

What about a Saiga 12 ? You could get 2 S-12's for the price of 1 Benelli M2 and 3 for the price of an M4.
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