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Originally Posted by sgt rock View Post
the G30 has a 10 round mag so why does the G38 only have 8 ?
Counter question: Why does a good, solid, well balanced, smooth shooting SD sidearm in 45 caliber need more than 8 rds?

The (heavy, steel framed) 1911 with 7 or 8 rd mags was Top Dog for 70+ years until the high-cap Wonder 9's and the 'spray & pray' crowd started popping up with the advent of better concealed carry laws and the M9 trials of the mid-'80's. The 8 rd mags for 1911's didn't even become prevalent until they were developed, tested, and refined in the action shooting games of the '70's and '80's. Most guys 'in-the-know' will still tell you 7 rd Wilsons are the best for carry, especially if you're using a 4" or 4.25" slide group. They're the only ones I find that I can be 100% confident will feed my LTC, and I never feel under-gunned when I'm packing it.

Bottom line: my 10 rd G37 mag with a +2 (11 rds) that I carry for a spare is more for peace of mind in case of a mechanical failure, and to balance my gun belt , than any expectation of real need. If I need more than 9 rds (8+1) of 45 GAP as a civilian CCW, I have SERIOUSLY 'effed up' my first line strategy of not being where I need the gun in the first place (i.e. picking a sidearm with a low round count is NOT my tactical error of concern at the time).


BTW, the longer G37 mag and the +2 are more for added length and accessibility when carried in the vertical leg pocket of carpenter/cargo shorts here in VA in the summer than it is for the added capacity, and I just find it overall easier to get a hold of even from a weak side hip mag pouch. Otherwise I would just carry the stock 8 rd G38 mags for spares just like I do when I carry a 1911.
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