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Originally Posted by Dragunov54 View Post

Yes, it is common for the firing pins on AK and AK Variant rifles to leave a dimple mark on the primers. This is due to the firing pin being free floating, without a spring containing the firing pin. So when shaking the bolt, you should hear the pin move freely. However, when the round is chambered, the inertia from the free floating firing pin within the bolt, will travel slightly forward just enough to dimple the primer. This is also common on AR15's/M4 rifles. So, go ahead and purchase that Saiga.
My concern was really with the Romanians. Classic Arms has one with a 6 position stock which I like and is almost half the cost of the Siaga SGL I have my eye on.

Also I read something about Siagas not accepting double stack mil spec magazines? This isn't true is it? I even saw a guy on youtube had filed his mag release a bit. What is that all about?

And just for the record, I always keep my firearms pointed in a safe direction when chambering.
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