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Originally Posted by Alaskapopo View Post
Actually Craig a great many FBI agents still carry 9mm's by choice. Not all carry Glock 22's and 23's.
And that proves what exactly, assuming you even have a clue what you're talking about??? Besides that, of whatever one's do, you certainly don't know their reasoning which in this case would be key.
I would much rather carry a Sig 9mm that is reliable than a Glock 40 that historically are not.
Glock 40s are extremely reliable. It is foolish to think otherwise.
As to my original comments that you took out of context.
I didn't take anything you said out of context that mattered if it was taken out of context or not. Besides that your posts are and will be posted for all time, and anyone who wishes to see if I left anything pertinent out can see for themselves.
You do get more tissue damage as bore size goes up however you also get more recoil.
That is not always true. About anyone who participates in CC and tell you that with examples. You're being dishonest as a hole in the context you speak.
Since we are not shooting single shot pistols you can not simple take tissue destruction by itself. Say your shooting a 10mm with full house loads and you have 1 seconds to fire you may get 2 to 3 accurate rounds off at close range. With the 9mm at the same range you will get more like 4 to 6 rounds.
BS. The difference is less they you make it out to be. With my G29 and DT 155gr Gold Dots @ 1400fps, 3 accurate shots is the norm in a second for me. With the 9mm and the lowest recoiling loads available, most people won't do better than 4 in a second, accurately. Now throw some 9mm +P and +P+ into the equation. You get the picture.
More bullets in the same amount of time means more tissue damage which means better stopping power.
So you're claiming 9mm = same wound damage per shot as 10mm??? That's seriously laughable!!! Sorry, but you're going to have to attempt to pull the wool over someone elses eyes as I've seen the differences. As plenty of others on GT have also noted.
Frankly I don't really much care what the FBI says on the subject of stopping power. I don't take advice on selecting handguns and calibers from attorneys and accountants with badges. If I want advice on such matters I will turn to people who study shootings and wound ballistics like Dr. Roberts and Dr. Fackler.

You mean you posted the link by Urey Patrick because you don't care? Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot! At what point are you finally going to wake up to reality?
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