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Originally Posted by Alaskapopo View Post
Frankly the hunting situations you speak of using the 9mm and 357 sig are suspect from the start. For starters all of you supposedly doing this are big bore fans so there is researcher bias. Then there is the issue of the animals shot themselves. Was each one shot in the exact same manner in the same place, was each animal the same size. Were they spooked prior to being shot. Etc. Frankly such sophomoric tests are useless and un-repeatable. I have shot 2 bear with 12 gauge slugs. The bears did not go down as fast as I would have wanted them to. Does that mean the 12 gauge slug is a poor stopper? There are way too many variables in a hunting situation to make it valid research.

How is a big bore fan interested in carrying 357SIG? Question; Do you ever think about what you type before you post it to the thread? You'ld have a hard time arguing so! I can't figure why you think you still have something to say when it's clear you need to go back to the drawing board. Tell me; Is ignorance bliss?
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