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Originally Posted by Alaskapopo View Post
Craig pull your head out of your rear. I never said the 9mm does the same damage per shot as the 10mm. Go back to school and get some reading comprehension. Second the Glock 40 is a dog of a handgun that has had nurmerous problems. The fact that you don't know this means your ignorant. I never shot myself in the foot. Your the one who used an FBI agents word from an article as he was a wound ballistics expert and he is not.

Frankly I am done arguing with someone as dense as you are. Welcome to ignore.
Now now Pat, remember, not only did I quote what you posted, any of us can also go back and read your original post where you did suggest 9mm does the same damage per shot (give or take a shot) as the 10mm.

No, 40 Glocks don't have issues. You may want to go back and read that last sentence a few more times.

You're the one who didn't think Urey Patrick could have known the truth. Does the truth hurt? Be honest.

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