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i just purchased my mossberg ill be getting it in a few days just wondering on how to prevent that happening to miy shotgun
Even with a brand new firearm one can usually spray the barrel down and have a LOT of rust appear on a white cleaning rag. I usually work the new steel components a great amount to get this initial corrosion off entirely.

It's not uncommon for a cleaning rag to look like this upon the first cleaning-
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Also, a shotgun with a ventilated rib is slightly more difficult because of the small open spaces between the rib and the barrel. I usually wet down corner pieces of rag and work them back & forth like dental floss.
Tactical Shotguns

I use Tri-Flow mostly because I love the smell and it seems to work very well. We were issued CLP in the Cavalry and it's always made me nauseous.
Tactical Shotguns
One of my greatest fascinations of knowledge & design, combined with natural inputs of universal physics, is manís ability to propel a lead projectile down a rifled tube.
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