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Originally Posted by Alaskapopo View Post
Craig pull your head out of your rear. I never said the 9mm does the same damage per shot as the 10mm. Go back to school and get some reading comprehension. Second the Glock 40 is a dog of a handgun that has had nurmerous problems. The fact that you don't know this means your ignorant. I never shot myself in the foot. Your the one who used an FBI agents word from an article as he was a wound ballistics expert and he is not.

Frankly I am done arguing with someone as dense as you are. Welcome to ignore.
That right there is hill(freakin)arious! Your superiors must close the door and giggle like schoolgirl's when they read your reports.

"the Glock 40 is a dog of a weapon" - Alaskapoopoo

Thank you for your knowledgeable insight concerning this matter. I will go and sell all my Glock 40's of which I have 10's of thousands of round through with not a single failure in recent history that I can remember.
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