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Originally Posted by dahahn View Post
Would you care to share with me papers that show empirical evidence of this please?
By definition, empirical means direct observation or experience. Since I was not at the goat tests (nor was anyone else), with Courtney (nor was anyone else), or with M&S, I can not provide the evidence you seek.

I can however, provide (with equal validity as yours) evidence to the contrary. The burden is on you to do the research and formulate your own conclusions using the resources available to you.

M&S data HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and everything HERE.

Ironically, all of the goat test garbage is disappearing from Internet servers. I have no way of providing you hard copies, but at least one conclusion states:

Dr. Martin Fackler, IWBA president, reviews the authorless "Strasbourg Tests," a purported study of the reaction of several hundred live unanesthetized "human-sized" goats that were allegedly shot to test the "one-shot stopping power" of various handgun cartridges. Fackler explains the many incongruities, inconsistencies and absurdities which lead him (and most other wound ballistics experts) to conclude that the "Strasbourg Tests" are a hoax.

Fackler concludes: "The only people who believe the 'Strasbourg Tests' are real are the usual crowd of crackpot 'magic' bullet believers and the pathetically incompetent editors of consumer gun magazines like Guns & Ammo."

'Strasbourg Tests:' Another Gunwriter/Bullet Salesman Fraud?" Wound Ballistics Review, 1(4): 10-11; 1994.

As for Courtney, a search on GT, M4C, or THR under Dr. Courtney or Pasteur will provide ample reading.

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