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Originally Posted by Snapper2 View Post
Grafs usually has starline 400cb brass. I dont know if youll get better performance,maybe others can answer. They are a +p 45 case necked down and use smallpistol primers. 45super brass might be a little stronger. I read where you shouldnt use anything but +p,super,and 400cb brass for hotter loads. I've had problems with the first round jamming while chambering in my g30's 10rd mag but fixed this by using their latest hi cap follower and a new mag spring. I've been using the factoty recoil spring.
I don't know if there's a performance difference between .45 brass and .400 Corbon brass, but, since .400 Corbon has a little more case capacity than 10mm; it takes about .1gr to .2grs more powder in the .400 Corbon compared to the 10mm case to equal 10mm velocities.

Brass can be ordered directly from Starline;

By changing to small pistol primers (WSP recommended), small rifle primers (Remington 7 1/2 recommended) can also be used.

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