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Originally Posted by Ak.Hiker View Post
I wonder if they have changed the load. These numbers are closer to the Federal American Eagle and Hydra Shok standard loadings. The 230 DT ball I have in my ammo box has always seemed a little hotter than most ball loadings except the Buffalo Bore 230 Flat Point.
I don't know. My past orders of 10mm ammo was acceptably close to DT's advertised velocities. Those orders were from around 2004. My 45 auto order was from 2007 and I just sent them over the chrony this past summer in 2009.

I was surprised about it myself. The DT fmjfp in 45 auto has been my carry load when I go fishing. Now I'm looking to work up my own handloads for that purpose. I still like the GDHP load and IMO it does outperform the Speer loads I have used in the past.... at least as far as velocity and terminal performance on aggressive water jugs...

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