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Just finally got around to trying them a couple months ago. I have been shooting their 9mm stuff for a couple years and have been very happy with them.

I tested 2 loads. First is the DT 230gr FP ammo. Out of a G21 they gave me 875 fps. Out of a G30 they gave me 815 fps.

Second is the DT 230gr Gold Dot load. Out of a G21 they gave me 890 fps. Out of a G30 they gave me 860 fps.

I was not terribly impressed with the FN loads and my shorter barrels. My hand loads beat that. 815 fps in a G30 is a long way from 1010. In fairness though, that is for a 5" barrel. However, the Gold Dot load is simply the finest carry load I ever fired out of my G30. This is a personal opinion and not a professional one. In terms of velocity, recoil, slide velocity, fast shooting in either hand and reliability, this quickly became my carry load. Though the velocity is not stunning, a Gold Dot at 860 fps under full control out of a G30 is a wonderful thing.
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