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Originally Posted by dougader View Post
I don't know. My past orders of 10mm ammo was acceptably close to DT's advertised velocities. Those orders were from around 2004. My 45 auto order was from 2007 and I just sent them over the chrony this past summer in 2009.

I was surprised about it myself. The DT fmjfp in 45 auto has been my carry load when I go fishing. Now I'm looking to work up my own handloads for that purpose. I still like the GDHP load and IMO it does outperform the Speer loads I have used in the past.... at least as far as velocity and terminal performance on aggressive water jugs...
Even if the DT 230 grain FMJFP is running in the standard velocity range it would still be a good pick for a field load. You may want to pick up a box of the Buffalo Bore 230 FMJFP +P to try out. They are a pretty hot load and I would bet closer to their advertised velocity of 950. In my own penetration testing the BB load offers the most penetration out of the 45 acp loads I have tested with the DT 230 grain ball running second. The Federal American Eagle 230 grain ball is not to far behind the DT. Real Guns tested the BB 230 FMJFP +P out in wet newsprint and got 30+ inches of penetration. Almost twice as much penetration as the 230 grain JHP loads. I was on the Speer LE site yesterday and noticed that Speer is loading a 230 grain TMJ flat point at standard velocity. A standard 230 grain FMJ load like the Federal American Eagle would not be a bad choice as a field load either.
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